Why You MUST Drip on Prospects and Clients to Maximize Revenue


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Whether your goal is to
    • maintain client contact and gain the benefits that increased contact brings OR
    • to gain new clients,
a monthly newsletter is the best possible tool.


Benefits to Your Personal Credibility and Your Business:
      • Educational articles show that you want to give before you receive, making you the perceived trustworthy advisor
      • Educational articles prove your expertise and knowledge and ability to provide value
      • Customize your financial advisor newsletter by selecting the articles you desire from the large FINRA-reviewed library
      • Repeated monthly contacts insures you are the first resource they think of when it’s time to make a financial move
      • Each article is designed to generate a response from the reader so that you have clients and prospects contacting you pro-actively
      • Each article is designed to create contact because it omits the "punch line" and has a one-click link for questions
      • Each article is designed to promote referrals because each has a one-click referral link
      • You don’t need to write anything and invest your valuable time-just select the three articles you want to send each month and we do the rest (but you can write your own content if desired)
      • Annual subscription also includes allocation of prospects to you that request the financial newsletter

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"Just a note to let you know that in the short time that I have been using your newsletter, I have picked up an additional $300,000 in assets under management." Tom T.,Stonybrook,NY

"I had a client call me last week in response to your monthly newsletter. He invested $225,000 with another $90,000 coming next week. I made over $30,000." William D.,Sioux City,IA

"The very best money I have ever spent in my business is the senior newsletter I obtain from your firm...it never fails to generate $15-20k of commissions each mailing." Bill B.,Olympia,WA

"I had a client with a small account that I had not spoken to in over 2 years - but I kept him on the mailing list anyway.  He contacted me out of the blue because he had an annuity that came due.  He said that he is always thinking about me when it comes to money because I always contact him through my newsletters. AN hour later, the paperwork was done and we rolled over his $126,000 annuity." Neal F, Woodland Hills, United Planners

"I had the licenses and credentials, but it wasn't until I started sending out your newsletter on a regular monthly basis that my financial advisory and annuity business took off! My income more than doubled last year, due to your newsletter messages, and I expect no less this year -- keep up the good work!" Trent B. CPA, CFP


"A 2011 Advisor Benchmark study, conducted by Business Health in conjunction with Multi-Financial Securities Corporation, found that FA firms that contacted their best clients 12 or more times annually generated 68% more revenue per principal than those who engaged their best clients six or fewer times. Ironically, fewer than one in three firms contacted their clients 12 or more times per year. Hence, a firm's marketing efforts must incorporate a contact management plan that addresses the need for advisor interaction by the clients and prospects of the firm."
Financial Advisor Magazine, April 16, 2012

"When it comes to staying in touch with clients, many financial advisers swear by the simple, age-old dictum: publish or perish. An increasing number of advisers publish reports or bulletins for their established or prospective clients on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, and deliver their products by email or snail mail. Each report tends to have some basic points in common. They all share a few investing or planning ideas, and offer some perspective on what the markets have done of late. They also try to forge something of a personal connection with readers. Some will do this by passing along a good recipe, others by telling a (hopefully) funny tale. The goal, of course, is for the newsletter to become a powerful marketing tool, cementing relationships with established clients (and perhaps getting them to invest more) or convincing potential ones to join the fold."
Wall Street Journal 9/19/11"